Arturo Orlandi

Molding with metals

Arturo Orlandi

Arturo Orlandi explains the procedure of his works



Arturo Orlandi was born in Cremona on 6 December 1945 and is a sculptor, painter and engraver at the same time. These three techniques are effectively “merged” by him. His art is as unique as his technique. His free spirit has been able to create a new world made of poems and steel plates.


After his teenage studies at technical schools in the province of Cremona and his apprenticeship as a watchmaker in Milan, this very original artist developed a scrupulous and skillful expertise in the field of metallurgy.

His laboratory is a forge where slabs of stainless steel become real bas-reliefs from which figures and scenes from an evocative personal imaginary appeared.


Looking at the landscapes, the city and rural environments in his ” metallocromie ” you can find ancient influences and a magical language in an instant. The use of copper in the foreground subjects combined with yellow obtained from silicon brass, bronze and silver becomes stones, trees and dark waters like the sky.


 The Technique:

Orlandi starts his work by drawing a landscape in its entirety on a slab with a black marker pen with skill and precision and then, with a welding electrode inserted into a tube with incandescent pliers, he repaints the drawing already sketched in relief.

Through a process reminiscent of “pointillism” he reconstructs images in several layers with metals melted at thousands of degrees and through patient work ( it is enough to mention that his works require 80 to 200 hours of work) he achieves a refined and sensitive coloristic mixture.

Without falling into extruded and cerebral experimentalism, Orlandi invented a new art that is both poetic and modern.


Molding with metals is the latest technological challenge to the laws of nature – METALLOCROMIA -

They talk about him



  • “Metallocromia” – Societè Monegasque de Banque Privée (Exhibition from 23 September 2004 to 20 April 2005)
  • “Metallocromia, what the gods have not yet seen’ – Terni special steels (Exhibition from 26 November to 8 December 1997)
  • Pianeta inossidabili (Stainless planet): “Orlandi the artist with a regular patent.” Year 1996

Critical Texts


  • Enzo Fabiani “Orlandi the artist with a regular patent”
  • Attilio Angelini (Chief Executive Officer of Terni Special Steels)
  • Anna Belledi: “What the gods have not yet seen”.
  • Mauro Vacchi (Chief Executive Officer of FRO Welding) “Metallochromie of Arturo Orlandi”.

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