The technique

Technique and materials used in the works

The drawing on the slab

Orlandi starts his work by drawing a landscape
or image in its entirety on a slab with a black marker with skill and precision.

Relief Painting

With an electrode inserted in a special soldering pliers, it re-paints the drawing already sketched in relief, defining its outline.

Stratification of metals

Later, he reconstructs the images in several layers with metals melted at thousands of degrees, creating a refinedĀ  coloristic mixture.

A " state-of-the-art " work.

Figures, shapes, materials

In the bas-reliefs of Orlandi, figures of immediate legibility assume plastic evidence, while the process of fusion takes place, which fluidifies the metallic material until it becomes ductile.

As they emerge on the base steel plate, the figures are determined as drops and metal cords are added, which are made moldable by heat. In Orlandi’s case, the predominant intention is to mold figures in which the lack of an unadorned tactile consistency is rendered with a metallic hue that muffles the special splendor of certain noble metal alloys without losing its refined ornamental shine.

The result is a narrow palette in which 5 basic ingredients are measured: stainless steel, copper and silver alloys, bronzes and brass that produce modulated tones within a spectrum ranging from copper red to brass yellow, to silver white: a spectrum animated by subtle variations in brightness and intensity.

With the skillful use of metals, alloys and high temperatures and through casting and welding, masterpieces of extraordinary readability are created.

The execution

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